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The best and surest way to Jesus is the same way he came to us,
that is, through Mary.

Its Value
St. Dominic
How To Say It
Its Biblicalness



The Value and Importance of the Rosary


Pope John Paul II speaks about the value of the Rosary:

                 Dearest Brothers and Sisters,
                 1… I have invited individuals and communities to pray the
                 rosary for peace.  I also renew this appeal today, underlining
                 at the same time that the rosary is the contemplation of Christ
                 in his mysteries, in close union with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

                 Contemporary spirituality feels the intense need, so to speak,
                 to focus on the essential.  Because of this, there is at present a
                 promising rediscovery of the true nature of the rosary, as a
                 prayer that helps us to stay in Christ's company, to know him
                 better, assimilate his teaching, and live his Mysteries.  And
                 who, better than Mary, can accompany us in this journey of the
                 mind and heart?  This is why we repeat the Hail Mary ...

                 May a constant prayer for peace rise in the Church with the
                 praying of the rosary, both by individuals or by communities,
                 keeping our gaze fixed on Jesus Christ, our peace ...
               ANGELUS - Sunday, 14 October 2001

Pope Paul VI explained how the Rosary is Christ centered:

42. We wish now, venerable Brothers, to dwell for a moment on the renewal of the pious practice which has been called "the compendium of the entire Gospel"[110]: the Rosary. To this our predecessors have devoted close attention and care. On many occasions they have recommended its frequent recitation, encouraged its diffusion  . . .
46. As a Gospel prayer, centered on the mystery of the redemptive Incarnation, the Rosary is therefore a prayer with a clearly Christological orientation. Its most characteristic element, in fact, the litany-like succession of Hail Mary's, becomes in itself an unceasing praise of Christ, who is the ultimate object both of the angel's announcement and of the greeting of the mother of John the Baptist: "Blessed is the fruit of your womb" (Lk. 1:42). . . . The Jesus that each Hail Mary recalls is the same Jesus whom the succession of the mysteries proposes to us -- now as the Son of God, now as the Son of the Virgin -- at His birth in a stable at Bethlehem, at His presentation by His Mother in the Temple, as a youth full of zeal for His Father's affairs, as the Redeemer in agony in the garden, scourged and crowned with thorns, carrying the cross and dying on Calvary; risen from the dead and ascended to the glory of the Father to send forth the gift of the Spirit.
[The Right Ordering and Developing Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, February 2, 1974 Apostolic Exhortation]

Saint Dominic


Saint  Dominic  And  The   Rosary

    How the Rosary got started and Saint Dominic's role in transforming a culture of death into life.


How To Pray the Rosary

Beginners interactive Rosary Chart

The Holy Rosary organization has this simple rosary diagram.  Just hover your cursor on each bead and it tells you the prayer for that bead.

Simple Diagram

Marians have a
Simple Chart on How to Say the Rosary.    And
Simple Meditations for each Mystery.

Printable handouts : Simple Chart  or  Detailed Chart

EWTN has a more detailed reflection for each mystery of the Rosary. 
And Free Audio on Rosary.



The Biblicalness of the Rosary


Hail Mary
See new PowerPoint presentation or read a detailed article on the Biblical-ness of all three parts of the Hail Mary

The Bible and the Rosary
This site explains the Biblicalness of saying the Hail Mary.
It also answers objections against the Rosary.

Hail Mary
An excellent article by Lynn Nordhagen.  It is written especially with non-Catholics in mind.

The Secret of the Rosary (part 1), by St. Louis De Montfort,

Also see : 

Also see my page on the Mysteries of Light



Pope  St.  John Paul IIís 

Letter on the Rosary


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