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  Hail Mary [a] - View Free1 Microsoft PowerPoint presentation showing how the Hail Mary is a Christ Centered Biblical Prayer.  Version 2.3A            *Updated November 2006*

  Hail Mary [b] - FREE DOWNLOAD1 Same as above except several pauses are placed into the show to provide an opportunity for a teacher or presenter to explain the theology when showing it to others as explained in the text below.  Version 2.3B

H. Mary Text - Detailed explanation for the above PowerPoint.



Pro - Life

    My  Favorite  Pro-Life  Icon
    This Pro-life image, by Rev. Monsignor Anthony La Femina, of the Annunciation is unique in that it depicts pre-born Baby Jesus inside the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   The visible image of Jesus demonstrates how it is a Person and not just some tissue inside Mary’s womb.  It demonstrates when human life begins.  Promote and build a Pro-life culture with this positive, uplifting and beautiful image.  This Icon presents tremendous potential with so little cost to ourselves. 


Icon  of  the  Year – Eucharist  2004 - 2005
The Sacrificial Banquet of the New Covenant, 
by Rev. Monsignor Anthony La Femina.  This Icon shows the true meaning and importance of the Mass.  If you want to see True Love, this message is for 


Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi Pictures
Pictures and text that demonstrates the context of why this location is so important.  It was here that Jesus promised that He would build His Church on Peter in Matthew 16:13-19.


Bible 1  - Beautiful Old Bible Manuscripts Images

Bible 2  - More great images

Bible 3 - Statements made by the Catholic Church
                       encouraging the reading of the Bible,
                       Plus and image of the Lindisfarne Gospels.
Free  Printable Pamphlet

Free Pamphlets - Printing Help, Tips


The Bones of  St. Peter, by John Evangelist Walsh.
FREE On-Line.  Read fascinating account of how they were able to prove that the bones they found under St. Peter's Basilica in Rome were that of the Apostle.



Why Pray to Mary ? 
How devotion to Mary leads us to her Son, Jesus Christ. Includes quotations from Popes, Saints, Vat. II



The Church And Science
The Catholic Church is NOT opposed to science, and furthermore she has laid the foundation for science by her teachings.  The Catholic Church is the foremost supporter of science.  Individuals of other religions have made advancement in science, but only the Church has established a culture that was able to embrace and pass on these advancements.  This has been accomplished by the grace of God and His revelation.


Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code : Decoded and Refuted
The Da Vinci Code attacks the Catholic Church with numerous errors and lies.  You can print out this Free pamphlet and distribute it to those who really want to know the truth.


Angels & Demons

Angels and Demons : Separating the Light from the Darkness
This Free pamphlet examines the errors and real and substantial dangers that are promoted by this book and now movie.  Links to Free Book and Free MP3 audio.


Jesus & Mary

Was Jesus’ Mother the first to see our Resurrected Lord ?
Pope John Paul II thought so.


Bible 3 - Statements made by the Catholic Church
                       encouraging the reading of the Bible,
                       Plus and image of the Lindisfarne Gospels.
Free  Printable Pamphlet

Directly to God ?  Without Mary ?  or the Sacraments ?  or the Church ?
Specifically written to break through to those
                                        too closed minded to otherwise consider
                                        the subject


More Free Pamphlets

How  the  Gospels  Were  Written  - By Dennis Barton

How  the Synoptic  Problem  Was  Solved  - By Dennis Barton

The Gospels are Historical  -  By Dennis Barton - 

The  Bones  of  St.  Peter

  Movie  For  Greater  Glory - A Fight for Religious  Freedom

Veritatis Splendor
Summary and Analysis  of The Splendor of  theTruth ,
An Encyclical by Pope Saint John Paul II

Voting Guide : Bishop Olmstead‘s short Questions & Answers


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