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Hail  Mary   PowerPoint

A Free MS PowerPoint presentation showing how both halves of the Hail Mary are Christ centered - as is all proper Marian devotion.  An accompanying text file details the theological richness of this prayer.



The Message, the Miracle of Sun, the Prophecy of Miracle before WW2 on January 25, 1938, the Secrets, the Consecration of Russia - Confirmed,




These pages answer most of the overall objections that Protestants raise about the Catholic doctrine of the Communion of Saints and why we pray to the Saints in Heaven.  These articles show how devotion to Mary and the other Saints is proper and good.


Why do Catholics pray to Mary ?

A short answer to the question


1.1   Why Go to Mary ?
Going Directly to God ... Through Mary  -  Free Pamphlet

 Specifically written to break through those to closed minded to consider the subject.

1.2   One Step Toward Mary is like Three Toward Jesus

 1.3   Why go to Mary when I can go straight to Jesus ?   After all doesn’t the Bible say that Jesus is the One Mediator between God and man ?

This article explains how to show that there is no straighter way to Jesus than through Mary and how Jesus comes to us through Mary.


2.1  Proof that Catholics clearly teach to worship only God and not to worship Mary

2.2  To Pray  -  A definition.  Does it mean to worship ? 

3.   Theological overview:

“After all,”  the Protestant may say,  “Don’t you Catholics believe that Jesus is God and if He is God is that not enough for you ?   Are you saying that somehow the Saints make up for what Jesus Christ lacks ?  Aren’t you then trying to add to what Christ does ?”


“Doesn’t focusing on the Saints distract from the Greatness and the Glory of God who alone is to be adored ?  Does this devotion to the Saints subtract from what Christ did ?” 


4.    Doesn’t  100%  of our love go to God and therefore  0%  goes to Mary ? 


5.1    We are to pray to God.  Aren’t you Catholics putting Mary in God’s place ?

5.2    Doesn’t the idea of praying to the Saints in heaven take away from the unique characteristics of God, and therefore place the Saints on the same level as God ?  

5.3    Aren’t you Catholics placing Mary to high ? 

5.4    To say that Mary could hear thousands of Catholics who are all praying at the same time and asking her to pray with them to Jesus would be to give to Mary infinite and Divine like qualities and hence make her a goddess.


6.   Ecclesiastes  9:5-6.    Doesn’t this passage deny that those who have died can know about us and love us ?  And so isn’t the idea of them praying for us ruled out ? 

7.   Deuteronomy 18:10-11  Says don’t seek oracles of the dead.  So, do supposed apparitions of Mary go against God’s Word ?    Are the Saints dead in Christ ???  Soul sleep ? 

8.   Can the Saints hear us ?     Are they even aware of us ?

9.   More Biblical evidence for the Saints in Heaven praying for us   Praying to Saints: More Biblical Support

10.   Jesus’ example

11.   What's Your Perspective of God ?

When Protestants look through the lens of the “Jealousy of God” they have difficulty is seeing the role of the Saints in God’s plan for salvation.  This article shows that just as the highest hill presents the best vantage point for a map maker the best or highest understanding of God presents the best viewpoint to understanding how God works.  The highest point is to see God as a Family who is Love.


12.  The  Greatness  of  God
Spiritual vs. Natural : A False Dichotomy

A quick look at John Calvin’s false teaching on the Total Depravity of Man, and the Greatness of God. 


13.  “Mary is a sinner just like me!”  and
     “We all have the same status in Heaven”

Dismantling Two More Protestant Zingers


14.  Mary Queen of Heaven - Jeremiah

Does the condemnation of the worship of the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah have a connection with Catholic devotion to Mary ?

Does the fact that some Old Testament Queen Mothers were immoral mean that this title is inappropriate for Jesus’ Mother?



Mary is the “Woman” of Genesis, Cana and Calvary
Brief reflection by Monsignor Anthony A. La Femina, S.T.L., J.C.D.

Devotion to Mary leads us directly to her Son, Jesus

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary
by Pope John Paul II

Mary, Ark of the New Covenant





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