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Answers to Font Problems

Works best if you save the Front and Back files or Combined Image File onto your computer’s hard drive and print from there as this makes it possible to control the important variables below in the printing process.   To Save the files onto your computer Right Click on the
”  ,  “Back”    , or   “Combines PDF Images”   text
And Select  “
Save Link  (or Target)  as

(Remember which Folder you are saving the files into.  You can control into which folder they go.)

Print  PDF  files in Landscape mode, NOT Portrait.
Select   "Fit"  or  "Shrink to Fit"  (about 94% of original size)  in  Page Setup or in Printer Properties.

If Printing Combined images (Front and Back at same time)  Click on  "Flip on Short Edge"

Use Heavier paper as this eliminates two or more pages going into the printer at same time and wasting ink.  I prefer 28 LB paper  as this makes for a sturdy pamphlet.

In Page Setup, which is found in the FILE drop down menu, you can also click on the TAB:   Margins Header and Footer  to eliminate, Date, URL, Page #, etc. by selecting   "Blank"

If you are prinitng the Front and Back images separately it is usually best to feed the pages ONE at a time into your printer for the second side of the page printing process.  The ink can cause the pages to stick together.


Method  1

Select  "File" at the top of screen.

In the drop down menu,
(you may have to pause or press the down arrows to get the full set of options)
Select  "Print"   (Do Not press the Printer Icon directly or this will bypass this option.)

This will bring up the print screen box (window.)
If this fails to happen, the go to Method 2

Please select

"Shrink to (Fit)   Printable Area"
option or scale it down to 94% of the original size.

See Picture Below









Method 2

If your browser disables the Print option from the FILE  menu, then Instead of Method 1,

Hover your cursor  (Mouse Arrow)  near the bottom of the page you want to print.

This brings up a shaded option panel.

Select the second Icon, shaped like a Printer,

Or the Printer Icon is in the upper right of the Window

to bring up Printer Window - Dialog Box.

Under Page Sizing

Select ;    "Shrink Oversized Pages

Select ;  Print button on bottom right.





•  Problems ???
Files Not Found ?
Some computers will bring up the Adobe .pdf files, but if not then right click the link above (Front, Back) and click  “Save Link (or Target) As.”  Save to Hard drive and double click file to open. Then Print.

•  Must Have FREE Adobe Viewer Software to see and print the pages above. Click Icon to Download from Adobe Site.

Works best if you save the Front and Back files on your computer’s hard drive and print from there, although this is not usually required.
Some printers will automatically shrink this page to 94% of the original size which is ideal for good margins.
Each page will have three panels.  There is a small black spec in the left panel on the back page. It is near the top on the right side of the first, or left, panel.   Use this to align the right side of the page when making the first fold.



Answers to Font Problems.

In order to get the Font to print correctly please use one of the following methods. Each should work. 

Method 1.  Best . Download  original Combined Image.  Open it up with Adobe Reader and print from there.
Method 2.  Browse to web page using Internet Explorer, click on Combined Image, and print
Method 3.  Browse to page using Mozilla Firefox browser. Click on the much larger file, Combined Image #2.  And Print.
Failure Method :  If you use Mozilla Firefox and click on the original Combined Image, without downloading it first and opening it with Adobe, you will notice the Font gets unevenly spaced, and the quotation Marks, and Apostrophes  are skewed.

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