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Marriage Defended and Explained

The Vatican held a conference on “The Complementarity of Man and Woman.” Speakers from various faith traditions including Rabbi Sacks and Pastor Rick Warren gave insightful talks at the Vatican's colloquium. Rabbi Sacks explain the harm to our culture and society when marriages fall apart.  Pastor Rick Warren explained the foundation of marriage as found in the Bible.    32101234

Rick Warren - Biblical Foundation of Marriage
Rabbi Sacks - Marriage is key to health of Society
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Attack Against Marriage Hurts Society

Rabbi Sacks spoke in support of the institution of marriage and “the most beautiful idea in the history of civilization.”
Excerpt :

[A]lmost everything that marriage once brought together has now been split apart. Sex has been divorced from love, love from commitment, marriage from having children, and having children from responsibility for their care.

The result is that in Britain in 2012, 47.5 per cent of children were born
outside marriage, expected to become a majority in 2016. Fewer people are marrying, those who are, are marrying later, and 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce. Nor is cohabitation a substitute for marriage. The average length of cohabitation in Britain and the United States is less than two years. The result is a sharp increase among young people of eating
disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, stress related syndromes, depression and actual and attempted suicides. The collapse of marriage has created a new form of poverty concentrated among single parent families, and of these, the main burden is born by women, who in 2011 headed 92 per cent of single parent households.

In Britain today more than a million children will grow up with no contact
whatsoever with their fathers. This is creating a divide within societies
… Those who are privileged to grow up in stable loving association with the two people who brought them into being will, on average, be healthier physically and emotionally. They will do better at school and at work. They will have more successful relationships, be happier and live longer. And yes, there are many exceptions. But the injustice of it all cries out to heaven. It will go down in history as one of the tragic instances of what Friedrich Hayek called “the fatal conceit” that somehow we know better than the wisdom of the ages, and can defy the lessons of biology and history.

Read full transcript at Jewish Rabbi Sacks web site


Biblical Meaning of Marriage

Pastor Rick Warren spoke on the "Biblical Meaning of Marriage."
Believe what Jesus taught about marriage.
Male-female marriage is God's idea, not man's, and sex was created for marriage, Warren said. “Even if you disbelieve the Bible, every human body, every living person, is a witness and testimony to God's intended purpose for sex,” Warren said. “Sex was not created for recreation, but for the connection of a husband and wife and the procreation of life.”

Pastor Warren, during his lecture, presented an 8-step action plan for conference attendees.

  1. Affirm the authority of God’s word
  2. Believe what Jesus taught about marriage
  3. Celebrate healthy marriages
  4. Develop small group courses to support marriage
  5. Engage every media to promote marriage
  6. Face attackers with joy and winsomeness
  7. Give people confidence
  8. Teach the purposes of marriage

“It is a myth,” he concluded, “that we must give up biblical truth on sexuality and marriage in order to evangelize.”

“In the end we must be merciful to the fallen, show grace to [those] struggling, and be patient with the doubting. But when God’s Word is clear we must not — and we cannot — back up, back off, back down, back out, or backslide from the truth.”  In his conclusion he gave the 

6 Purposes of Marriage:

Eliminate loneliness
Proper expression of human sexuality
Multiplication of the human race
Protection and instruction of children
Perfection of our character
Reflecting our union with Christ.

One of the most important purposes is “to make you holy, not just happy.” Marriage is “the laboratory for learning how to love…the school of self-sacrifice. It is the university for learning unselfishness, the life-long course of becoming like Christ.”

“The number-one tool God uses to shape you is your spouse.”

Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore also spoke.
Text of Russell Moore’s speech at the Vatican

See Videos of all the speeches at the Vatican's colloquium, click on speaker's picture.


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