153 Fish Bible. 153 Large Fish in John Bible - John explains his purpose for the use of 153 Fish, 153 large fish in John 21:11, as a metaphor.  Bible points to the context.



Why the World Opposes the Church ?

Why Big Fish ?

Our Challenge Today


Many people oppose the Catholic Church, and even want society to be completely “free” from all its influence.


First, there are spiritual reasons.  There is a war between good and evil.

On the natural level a distorted and lower understanding of legitimate goods causes much confusion.


The concepts of love, freedom, truth and its objectivity, justice, happiness, reason, human rights (health and gender), are often misunderstood by so many.  The Church’s role in providing the best environment for the advancement of science is unknown to them.


Many people today embrace a partial good.  But in their attempt to promote it they believe that God and His Church need to be rejected and removed from society. 


Some people want to promote “love.”  However, their distorted view of love means giving a person whatever they want which gets reduced down to whatever I want is the most important.  


They view the Church as a force that impedes their desires and so it needs to be eliminated. We need to show how love and whatever partially good aspect of love they have is compatible with the church is teaching


Some want to promote science, but view the Church as superstitious and its religious beliefs to be frustrating scientific advancement.  


Some want to provide protection for the poor and health care, but they view the Church as being opposed to health care for women, and oppressive to those with gender dysphoria. 


Some want to promote democracy and individual freedom, but they see the Church as an obstacle to fair governance.


Some want to stop all sexual abuse, a truly good and noble idea, but they want to outlaw the protection of the confessional seal to do so. 


However, providing good and confidential counseling to a person who has evil tendencies is one of the best ways to help that person make a change when he is approaching God in prayer. 


If society outlaws the confessional seal of confidentiality, that is not going to stop or prevent the abuse, but make it much more likely that the offender or potential offender does not seek help.


Some people believe that true happiness and the solution for guilt is be provided with a “safe zone” such that no one can challenge them or their beliefs, as if objective truth did not exist. 


They believe it is best to eliminating from society all those who believe in following their conscious and all those who believe that there are non-negotiable truths that cannot be compromised for personal convenience. 


The penalties inflicted on people of conscience are so severe and intended to financially bankrupt them and put them out of business.  But, would society really be better if people were honest, not because they were following their conscience, but were only honest when it was personally convenient and beneficial ?


Why Big Fish ?


All fishermen know that the big fish are the good ones.  You throw the others back. 


The big fish in the net symbolizes all good things come from God, and only good things come from God.  There are no small fish in the net. 


The net does not tear.  There is no inconsistency or internal contradiction between the good and what God asks from us.  


So, when Jesus asks us to carry some cross or to make some sacrifice we should not be afraid.  We can be sure it is for our own good. 


The good thing God wants to give us is better than whatever we are called to sacrifice.  All things work for the good of those who love God. Romans 8.



Our Challenge Today

What is the meaning of sexuality, our nature, integrity, and freedom?

Is a person truly free if he is controlled by his own lusts ?

For what purpose are we made ?

Is material consumption and pursuing worldly desires the greatest goal we can achieve ?

Or, are we destined or called to know, love, and be in union with infinite Goodness, God ?

What gives true and lasting happiness ?

is a need for the Church to show how true happiness and these legitimate and noble goals are best promoted by allowing the influence of the Church. 


The net which encompasses both these noble goals, and the true teachings of Jesus Christ does not tear because there is no conflict or contradiction between them.











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