For  Greater  Glory

Does the movie glorify war ?



No!  Definitely not.

In fact I would say it offers us the best hope of avoiding war. It accurately portrays what happened, the good and the bad without any preachy agenda one way or the other.  For example, the Train Incident shows how during war even with good intentions horrible things happen. Whether or not this historically happened or not I do not know, but it does demonstrate by example how war is extremely bad.  I can only think of one thing worse than war, and I explain what that is below. 

"Confusing Train Incident."

Hundreds of priests and bishops were martyred for their faith during the war.  The movie specifically shows a few who are well known.  They were murdered just because they were priests.  They did not engage in violence.  However, since the movie producer wanted to accurately portray the historical record, he did show a few priests who did lead their parishioners in battle. 

In one incident in the movie, after confiscating gold from a government train the priest ordered that all the passengers be unboarded.  After receiving explicit confirmation that this had been done, he orders the train to be burnt. 

What he did not know was that there were stowaways in a boxcar and they were accidentally burned to death.  The priest goes the rest of the movie repenting and asking God for forgiveness.   My only suggestion for improvement in the movie is that the Director could have reemphasized that their deaths were unintentional, but it is clear enough if the viewer pays close attention.

This and many other incidents show quite clearly how horribly bad war is.  The one thing, in my opinion, that is worse than war is the present day situation in the United States.   Religious Freedom is under attack by the Obama administration and most people seem to be more concerned about what they are going to eat tonight, or whether they can afford to go on vacation this summer.

This movie offers us hope.  It shows the courage and sacrifice of so many who held onto their faith at ALL COSTS.  Their faith was in Jesus Christ, and He is the Prince of Peace, and He is the only one who  can offer us a chance a true and lasting peace.  Perhaps, present day Americans can be inspired by the Cristeros' example so that they can learn to value their religious freedom, before they lose it, and before war does come about because we abandoned God who is our only hope for peace.


“ˇViva Cristo Rey!                  

(Long live Christ the King!)  


ˇViva la Virgen de Guadalupe!    

(Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!)”




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