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Closed Mindedness – Biggest Obstacle :

Starting the Conversation   -  Breaking Through Closed Mindedness

Annunciation Icon
Explaining how the Annunciation Icon is appropriate for Christmas

Second: Explain the  Spiritual  Significance of the Annunciation Icon

Last  Supper  Icon

First: Explaining how the Last Supper - Crucifix  Icon is appropriate for Christmas

A. The word Christmas,  

B.  Myrrh, or 

C.  Joy

1.  What is true Joy?

2.  What is the meaning of
     Christmas ? 
    Three Questions

a.      From what are we  
         being saved?

b.     For what are we being
        saved?   And

c.      How are we saved?

3.  How does this icon symbolize Joy and Love?

a.  God the Father’s love
     for mankind
b.  Jesus’ love for   
c.  Jesus’ love for His
     and most importantly
d.  God the Father’s love
     for God the Son.


Second : Choose to explain one of the several spiritual meanings of the Last Supper - Crucifixion Icon


The Key to Healthy Relationships 


Explaining the Mass

How much did Jesus value the Mass?

What is the biggest lie that has ever been told ? 








Evangelize the Easy Way -
with  Icons by Msgr. Anthony La Femina

First: Explaining how the Annunciation Icon is appropriate for Christmas

The Incarnation Initial, Matthew 1:18

Each generation will tend to have its own particular strengths, but it will also tend to have its own particular vulnerabilities or weaknesses.  Satan seeks to divide the generations, but the wise Christian seeks to strengthen himself by examining how God manifested his greatness in previous generations.

What was the favorite scripture verse was for those living in the Middle Ages?

I propose that it was the Incarnation Initial, Matthew 1:18.  In the Middle Ages the monks had to transcribe the Bible by hand. The task was very time consuming and expensive.  However, each of the first verses of the four Gospels got its own special page of elaborate calligraphy.  Since, the four Gospels hold a special prominence this is understandable.  However, there is one other verse that got this special treatment,  Matthew 1:18.

 For example we see this in

Lindisfarne Gospels

Book of Kells

Canterbury Codex Aureus second


Matthew 1:18
“Now this is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about. When his mother Mary was ... found with child through the holy Spirit.”  

 It is commonly referred to as the Incarnation Initial which begins the Nativity story.  I believe the best pictorial representation of this Bible verse is this icon.  Most pictures of the Nativity show Mary and Baby Jesus, but they often fail in depicting the Holy Spirit and how this is the child of God.  This icon succeeds quite beautifully in this regard.



Second: Explain the  Spiritual  Significance of the Annunciation Icon

 Sometimes using words like abortion or pro-life are necessary.  However, when some people hear words like  “abortion”  or even  “pro-life”  their emotions sky rocket and their minds shut down.  They go into defense mode.  See how to lay down the foundation for the Pro-Life message while avoiding the use of those words, and the explosive confrontations that can result.  Do this by beginning an interesting discussion about Spring.  Some details will probably surprise you.

 Why Do We Call  Spring “Spring” ?

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