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Closed Mindedness – Biggest Obstacle :

Starting the Conversation   -  Breaking Through Closed Mindedness

Annunciation Icon

First: Explaining how the Annunciation Icon is appropriate for Christmas

Second: Explain the  Spiritual  Significance of the Annunciation Icon

Last  Supper  Icon

First: Explaining how the Last Supper - Crucifix  Icon is appropriate for Christmas

A. The word Christmas,  

B.  Myrrh, or 

C.  Joy

1.  What is true Joy?

2.  What is the meaning of
     Christmas ? 
    Three Questions

a.      From what are we  
         being saved?

b.     For what are we being
        saved?   And

c.      How are we saved?

3.  How does this icon symbolize Joy and Love?

a.  God the Father’s love
     for mankind
b.  Jesus’ love for   
c.  Jesus’ love for His
     and most importantly
d.  God the Father’s love
     for God the Son.


Second : Choose to explain one of the several spiritual meanings of the Last Supper - Crucifixion Icon


The Key to Healthy Relationships 


Explaining the Mass

How much did Jesus value the Mass?

What is the biggest lie that has ever been told ? 








Evangelize the Easy Way -
with  Icons by Msgr. Anthony La Femina

 Problem :  Closed Mindedness – Biggest Obstacle  

The less someone knows about God the more content they tend to be with their own spiritual knowledge and development.  However, none of us should be satisfied with our progress in those areas until we are in heaven.   For them, happiness is defined by worldly pleasures.  See Peter Kreeft’s article on Happiness.

They will tend to view the study of the things of God more as a burden and as an obstacle to their path to happiness.  And so, they tend to be very closed minded to conversing about and studying the things of God.  And this closed mindedness is often their biggest natural obstacle in learning more about true happiness and the perfect love that God has for them.  The largest supernatural obstacle is Satan.  The largest spiritual obstacle is our own personal sin.

Everyone here on earth needs to grow closer to God.  And yet, most of us do not think we need ongoing evangelization.  Further, most people place God on one side and “fun” on the other side as if they are mutually exclusive.  It can be difficult to talk about God even at Christmas parties amongst Christians.  You find that most people will have an attitude of, “Hey, I am here to have fun.  I don’t want to talk about God.”  Yet, the Bible warns us against wasting our time or other people’s time with idle or careless words.


2 Timothy 2:16
“Avoid profane, idle talk, for such people will become more and more godless …”  NAB

Matthew 12:36-37
“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”   KJV

So, how can one break through this closed mindedness ?

Answer : Msgr. La Femina’s  Icon T Shirts

Many paintings, as an example the Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci, portray what you presumably would have seen with the human eye if you had been there and had taken a picture.  However, icons are like pictures taken through the camera of God’s eye.  These icons present spiritual truths that the human eye does not normally perceive.  They can teach just by themselves.

These shirts are great for turning a casual conversation into one that really matters.  They are great for reaching the following groups.


  1. Catholics who love their faith.
    These icons are so spiritually rich they contain and convey so many beautiful truths of our faith.  We all are somewhat closed minded as we all are inherently inclined to not to want to die to ourselves.

  2. Cultural Catholics
    Even at Catholic social events some people take a negative view of someone abruptly bring up Catholic spirituality.  Religion is viewed as “burdensome obligations that keep you from fun and happiness.”  It can be hard to encourage other Catholics to follow the moral teachings of the Church without sounding preachy, or at least without them thinking you are being preachy.  The effects of original sin (concupiscence, weakened will, and especially darkened intellect)  make them vulnerable to this misinterpretation.  However, these shirts make the transition of the conversation from small talk to spiritual topics natural and smooth.  For example, see Beauty and  Love.  You can then speak about the spiritual messages that are implied by the holy faithful priest, Monsignor Anthony La Femina.  It might help to point out that the Catholic Church does not force anyone to obey her moral teachings or to believe her doctrines, just as God does not force anyone to go to heaven.   God and His Church invite us to believe and to follow the One and only Savior Jesus Christ.  This way your friend will not think of you as being preachy because you are just explaining what the Icon is about.

  3. Fallen Away Catholics.
    These shirts enable the evangelist to bring up truths of the faith in non-threatening ways.  For example, when you are talking with someone who left the Catholic Church after 25 years it is difficult to begin a discussion with them on how they really didn’t understand the Mass or Catholicism.  Many people in this category lack the spiritual awareness or the humility to make the distinction between their experience which they do know, and their knowledge of the Catholic faith which is usually lacking.  They could be easily offended if you tell them they don’t know the Catholic faith.  However, by explaining what the image on the shirt symbolizes you can explain and teach the faith in a way that is not demeaning.  Regardless of whether or not he agrees with these aspects of the faith, he cannot deny that the painter intended for the image to represent these truths of the Catholic faith and specifically the Mass.  If you only have the image on a card you cannot shove the card into their hand in an easy and polite manner to get them to look at the image.  Whereas, they cannot help but look at image on the shirt as you talk to them.
  4. Non-Catholics.
    Most evangelistic material is made for those who are willing to consider the Catholic position.  It is generally assumed by some that you should not bring up the subject of religion unless you are ridiculing it.  These shirts make it possible to begin a conversation in a natural and smooth manner with those who would not otherwise consider conversing with a Catholic about Catholic spirituality.  You can begin with the subject of God’s love, and then move to a variety of subjects, such as a scripture verse that can only fulfilled with the theological significance of the holy sacrifice of the Mass.



Starting the Conversation   - 

Breaking Through Closed Mindedness


List of Ice breakers to begin the conversation.  
You can begin by saying :

  1. Did you know that this icon is also available on a Christmas card? 
  2. This icon represents how Jesus said Mass on the night of the Last Supper.  or
  3. This icon represents how Jesus changed the bread and wine into His Body and Blood on the night of the Last Supper.
  4. Society is becoming more and more polarized.  And groups of people are becoming more and more isolated from each other.  Isolation from God leads to violence, destruction, and death.  Would you like to hear more about God’s plan to save us from sin ?
  5. What is the biggest lie that has ever been told ?    See  The Big Lie
  6. What is the first thing you see when looking at this Icon ?
    Ok, what is the most important thing you see when looking at this Icon ?  See  Joy  or  Beauty.
  1. Or, my favorite : I wore this shirt to this party because it is the perfect representation of Joy.  Don't you think this Icon of the Last Supper is the perfect image for explaining what (Christmas) Joy is all about ?  Their puzzled or startled look will be an invitation to explain yourself.  See section on the song, “Joy to the World.

You will probably get one of three types of responses;

hot, lukewarm, or cold.


A hot response would be as follows:

“Wow !  That sounds like a great idea.  Because I am honest I have seen my need to be humble and to always grow and learn more.  So, I have cultivated humble heart and a teachable spirit. Please teach how this is true.”  (Well.  Okay, I can dream that someone will respond in this manner. Lol.)


A lukewarm response would be something like the following :

“Yes.  That is a good icon for Christmas.  In fact, I get 20 or 30 Christmas cards like that every year with a similar picture on each of them.  There is nothing new about that.  There is nothing more to be said about something so common as that, so let me change the subject of conversation as I begin to talk about ....  x, y, or z.”

I would also classify a “No response” as a lukewarm response.

Lukewarm responses just make me want to spit.  They leave me nothing with which to work.  Much more conducive would be the following :


A Cold Response :

“John, You idiot. Christmas is nine months after the Annunciation.  How can you possibly think that it is appropriate for a Christmas card?


“John, You idiot. We celebrate Good Friday three months after Christmas in the liturgical year. Christmas is about the season of joy. How can you possibly think this icon with a crucifix represents anything about joy, or is in any way appropriate for Christmas?”

This opens the door for some effective evangelization. First, begin with explaining how the icon is appropriate for Christmas and (or) explain what true Joy is really about.  Second, explain one of the more profound and deeply important topics.  There are many options, so always pray that you will be open to the Holy Spirit and his guidance.  It is impossible to evangelize without the aid of God’s grace.


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