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Seek, Knock, And Sup with Me (Jesus) Matt 7:7 - Rev 3:17-20

How much does God love you?

How much value do you place on going to Mass?

How much value did Jesus place on the Mass?

True Beauty,

True Love,

Mary’s Role in our Salvation,

When does Human Life Begin ?  -  Pro-Life


Why These Icons Are So Important in Evangelization 

  1. Mass is the most important event for a Catholic. The Last Supper-Crucifix (LSC) Icon is very helpful in explaining the Mass. “The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life.”  CCC 1324. 

    And yet, many find it boring. And unfortunately, for too many Catholics the Mass is practically the only source of their interaction with God and their only source of spiritual formation. And they often don’t understand how to pray the Mass well. It is essential that we find a way to reach both marginal Catholics as well as those who have already left the Church. This Icon of the Last Supper makes it easy to begin a conversation on the important truths of our faith.  It opens the door to explaining what the rituals mean, how they relate to salvation history, and how a person is able to participate more effectively through faith filled prayer about their inmost needs and daily concerns so that they may recognize what and Who they may receive through this heavenly event. 
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  1. The Annunciation - Incarnation Icon above helps explains the beauty and the foundation of Pro-Life beliefs - when human life begins. 
    The one issue that is most divisive is abortion.  Many people get so emotional even when they just hear the words “Abortion” or “Pro-Life” they find it practically impossible to intellectually consider the relevant facts.  This Pro-Life Icon of the Annunciation makes it possible to convey when human life begins in a gentle and round about way without even mentioning those red flag words.
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  1. Icons capture spiritual truths about the faith that ordinary pictures cannot.
    They are like pictures from the camera of God’s eye.

  1. Many people are hurting.  The LSC Icon is great for explaining how much God loves us.
  1. Many people view the moral law more as a burden than as a gift from God.  The LSC Icon helps provide the foundation for showing that the moral law is the path to greatness and true happiness. 
    See Love
  1. Some people are visually orientated so these images make it easier for them to understand the spiritual truths you are trying to convey.
  1. They will help the other person remember what you say because the visual icons will help them to make associations between your words and the images.
  1. Special graces will be available to the person you evangelize.  Before an iconographer paints the image he fasts and prays to God.  He does not pray, “God please help me to do a great job so that the world will see what a great painter I am.”  Rather, he prays that all those who look upon the image will be blessed by God with a special encounter with Him so that they will be drawn into a deeper spiritual relationship with Him.


The Great Advantages of Using T- Shirts in Evangelization 

  1. The greatest natural obstacle in evangelization is closed mindedness. 
    (The largest supernatural obstacle is Satan.  The largest spiritual obstacle is my own personal sin.)
    It is generally assumed by many that you should not bring up the subject of religion unless you are ridiculing it.  Religion is viewed as “burdensome obligations that keep you from fun and happiness.” 
    These shirts make it so easy to bring up spiritual topics in a casual way.
  2. These shirts enable the evangelist to encourage other Christians to follow God’s moral law without sounding preachy.  See Closed Mindedness B
  1. These shirts enable the evangelist to bring up and to teach the doctrinal truths of the faith in non-threatening ways.  See Closed Mindedness C, and D
  1.  You will be able to reach a far greater number of people because so many people will see your shirt.
  1.  It also enables others who see the image to approach you and to begin the conversation inquiring further about its message.
  2. It makes a great conversational piece.  It will help you avoid idle speech that the Bible warns against.  The T-shirt makes it so much easier to get a conversation started on a topic that is really worth talking about.  You will find yourself speaking more about God and His love and less time in idle chatter.
  3. Most evangelistic material is made for those who are willing to consider the Catholic position. These shirts make it possible to begin a conversation in a natural and smooth manner with those who would not otherwise consider conversing with a Catholic about Catholic spirituality.
  4. The images are beautiful.  And you will look GREAT.



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